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‘Designer molecules’ could create tailor-made quantum devices

Researchers are concocting molecules specially suited for use as quantum bits or sensors

Quantum bits made from “designer molecules” are coming into fashion. By carefully tailoring the composition of molecules, researchers are creating chemical systems suited to a variety of quantum tasks.

A drop in CFC emissions puts the hole in the ozone layer back on track to closing

A reduction in illegal pollution from China is driving the decline, new data suggest

Good news for the ozone layer: After a recent spike in CFC-11 pollution, emissions of this ozone-destroying chemical are on the decline.

Can privacy coexist with technology that reads and changes brain activity?

Ethicists, scientists and our readers consider the ethics of brain technology

Gertrude the pig rooted around a straw-filled pen, oblivious to the cameras and onlookers — and the 1,024 electrodes eavesdropping on her brain signals. Each time the pig’s snout found a treat in a researcher’s hand, a musical jingle sounded, indicating activity in her snout-controlling nerve cells.

Fin whale songs can reveal hidden features of the ocean floor

The sounds can penetrate Earth’s crust as seismic waves, illuminating its structure

The fin whale’s call is among the loudest in the ocean: It can even penetrate into Earth’s crust, a new study finds. Echoes in whale songs recorded by seismic instruments on the ocean floor reveal that the sound waves pass through layers of sediment and underlying rock. These songs can help probe the structure of the crust when more conventional survey methods are not available, researchers report in the Feb. 12 Science.

Black, Hispanic and female police use force less often than white male officers

A case study of Chicago police suggests diversification may improve treatment of civilians

Black and Hispanic police officers tend to stop, arrest and use force against civilians less often than white officers do, and female officers of all races use less force than their male colleagues, a new case study of the Chicago Police Department suggests.

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