Have you ever dreamed about something or somewhere and found out that it actually existed in the world? Years ago, I had a dream where I was at a shore looking out. Then, once the mist cleared out, I saw this castle raised up in the middle of the sea. I usually don't remember my dreams after I wake up but that one, in particular, was very memorable. I thought it was just a dream and that place looked very fantasy-like that I might have seen it before from a video game.
When I got addicted to traveling and constantly searching for the most beautiful and incredible places on our planet Earth, I came across a photo in Google Image. I was shocked!!! That looked exactly like the one I seen in my dream, next thing rolling in my mind "is it actually real or a computer graphic?" I clicked on the photo and it linked to a website on places to visit in France. I read the article and found out it is a real place called Mont-Saint-Michel. I searched Mont-Saint-Michel and saw many more images of it, I just couldn't believe my eyes, the dreamy fog covering it is exactly like in my dream!
I have been waiting to go to Mont-Saint-Michel ever since and finally on my birthday weekend this year, I took my family to France for a long weekend trip and my dream fulfilled!
Planning the trip was interesting, it all started when I saw cheap non-stop to Paris for $335; that’s cheaper than going to California! That included a flight with Norwegian nonstop from Boston to Paris. I flew with Norwegian before and quite like their new Boeing 787 Dreamliner. From Paris back to Boston, it was the newly launched Primera Air. Also, we have our IHG free night certificates to use up before they expired and luckily, I found availability at one of the famous IHG hotels – Intercontinental Hotels Paris – Le Grand. It all worked out like it was meant to be for my birthday. However, just over one month prior to our trip ( while we were on our Labor’s Day week trip to Prague, Budapest, etc), Primera Air emailed me that the flight is cancelled and gave me three options of: 1. move the date to 2 days later for another Primera Air flight, 2. rebook to another of their partner airlines with connection, or 3. full refund. I don’t have vacation days to stay extra 2 days and the full refund wouldn’t be able to buy another return flight home at that point so my only option was #2. I waited for a week and they still haven’t reply with the new confirmation. I was very anxious and went to their website but there is no phone number to call them!!! I left a message via “Contact Us” and someone responded that they are still working on rebooking us. Finally, after another three days of wait, I finally get a new confirmation of the WOW Air flight they rebooked us with.
To double check, I went to the WOW Air’s website and pasted in the confirmation reference code to retrieve the booking. However, it kept giving me the error message that the booking reference code is invalid. I called WOW Air and found out that bookings booked by 3rd party won’t show up on their website….how inconvenient? I asked the agent to check if our booking is confirmed, she said it is valid. Phew!
It wasn’t the end of the story…..a week later, it was on the news and all travel hacking websites that Primera Air went out of business without advance notice, canceled all their flights immediately, and the only notice was on their website that they are out of business and shut down all the contact channel!!! I was so worried what if they cancel our rebooking or haven’t pay WOW Air yet? My only option was to call WOW Air again to confirm that our booking is still valid and fully paid. The agent refused to give me any info, she said that I have to contact the 3rd party directly. I explained to her that the 3rd party is out of business so I can’t contact them! She just kept insisting that she can’t tell us any info, OMG! I went to the WOW Air website and emailed them. I waited two days but no response from WOW Air yet. I went to Twitter and message WOW Air’s account, finally, someone answered and assured that our booking is confirmed and fully paid. PHEW….I also got their email as evidence.