Be a beach bum at Jandia Natural Park
Lying on the southwest of the island and sharing the same name as the peninsula which it calls home, El Parque Natural de Jandia plays home to some of the island's most striking landscapes.
Most notable is La Playa de Cofete, a first-rate beach that stretches 12 kilometers with striking mountains serving as an immediate background.
Wander through Betancuria
Fans of charming small towns will find just that in the old capital of Fuerteventura. Betancuria is located near the center of the island, filled with white buildings framed by bronze windows and roofs.
The entire expanse of the town can be covered in a half hour's walk among the cobblestone streets and at the center of it all is an impressive church held still by time. Spend the day eating in a picturesque terrace or roaming the various shops filled with trinkets.
Learn to surf at Cotillo
Cotillo is a town situated at the northern end of the island and sits within walking distance from the beach it's named after. The beach is steeped at the bottom of overhanging cliffs and is a perfect place for beginner surfers.
There are plenty of coasts stretched all along and the sandy bottoms combined with just-right waves leave an easy-going environment to have your first go at becoming a surf star.
Take a boat over to Lobos
In the north, on the opposite coast of Cotillo, is the happening town of Corralejo. The city itself is a charm – full of lively beach cafes and boutique surf shops. On top of dining and shopping, the town holds claim to being the gateway to the islet of Lobos: an uninhabited piece of land with waters bluer than you thought possible.
One of the many speedboat companies along the boardwalk in Corralejo will drop you off and pick you up from around 12 euros. Pass the day by hiking the dormant volcano, lazing on the quiet beach or in the natural pool, and snorkeling along with the schools of fish!
Venture to El Puertito de Los Molinos
The tiny fisherman’s town of Los Molinos holds a population of fewer than twenty people and is the threshold to some of Fuerteventura’s best-kept secrets. To the right lies daunting caves waiting to be explored and to the left, natural tide pools ready to be enjoyed.
Make sure to go at low tide, the only time of day both sites are accessible.