My alarm was set for sunrise even though the chance of a sunrise was slim. We got dressed, grabbed the tripod, and walked out to Charles Bridge. The street was nearly empty and so peaceful that the only noise I heard was from the pigeons. The colorful houses under the Lesser Town Tower's arch are one of my favorite photo spots in Prague!
We were not the only ones who got rewarded by getting up early, a couple was having their prewedding photo session! There is no way to take a photo without photobombed except for the sunrise hour. The bride-to-be's red dress really stand out especially in a gloomy day like this.
Charles Bridge, one of the most beautiful and famous bridges definitely lived up to its name. However, it is smaller (shorter and narrower) than I had in my mind but as charming. The view facing the Old Town Bridge Tower.
The view facing the Lesser Town Tower, which view do you prefer more? Personally, I like the view facing the Lesser Town Tower (below) more because of the Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral dominated the background.
The street that we walked through multiple times each day, it is one of my favorite photo spots as well, aren’t the houses looked lovely? Despite the coldness and the rain, it didn’t stop us to go out and enjoy what Prague has to offer. Their houses and shops’ exterior are so cute that I stopped every few steps for a photo. This pastel green building is an example of the cuteness!
We found an open space that heads out to the river and walked in to check out the view….ahhh we found another top photo spot that I have seen many people taken photos in with Charles Bridge on the back. However, not many swans hang out there at that time; they were all the way down at the river. Originally, I wasn’t planning on purchasing the admission ticket to enter the castle complex as I read that the most beautiful spots, the castle ground, are free. However, since it was raining, I changed my mind and wanted to check out the indoor. We went into the information office to purchase the admission ticket….”Circuit B” which include: St. Vitus Cathedral, Old Royal Palace, St. George’s Basilica, Golden Lane with Daliborka Tower for 350 CZK. Also, in order to take photos inside, we need to pay for the “Photo Pass” for an additional 50 CZK. I found that in Prague it is common that they charge extra for taking photos inside!
Also, right next to the information center, there is a post office where we went in to check out if they have the collectible stamps and mail the postcard to Jason’s friend. Surprisingly, the post office sells postcards cheaper than outside souvenir shops! They were like 6 CZK each only whereas in souvenir shops around 20 CZK! If you want to buy postcards, definitely check out the post office! Unfortunately, they don’t have those collectible sheets of stamps.